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Get stronger for soccer with the best strength training exercise available!

You must incorporate kettlebell snatches in your soccer strength and conditioning program if you want to see a significant improvement in your on-field play. If I could choose one exercise that would improve your strength and conditioning for soccer, it would be the overhead single-arm kettlebell snatch. live score liga inggris

The single lift increases core strength, hip power and explosiveness as well as shoulder stability. It is comparable to a race horse’s cardiovascular fitness! You lift the bell vertically from the ground or between your legs to a position above your head. To create sufficient pulling velocity, you will need to forcefully flex your hips and knees to lift the kettlebell to a high pull position lateral towards your head. The “high pulling” motion should be similar to pulling on a bow (or shooting an arrow). To finish the lift, you will need to vertically push your elbow towards the sky and your shoulder in line with your elbow. This is where you can achieve all the physical superiority you need to be a great soccer player. This lift will allow you to be more physically active in your soccer game and make it more difficult for your opponents to do the same.

You are only limiting your potential and slowing down your progress if you don’t include kettlebells in your strength training drills. To be a dominant athlete in any sport, you need to have the right knowledge and invest time. I’d like to encourage you by offering you access to the rest of my articles. You can train hard but champions train smarter!

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